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i grab her hand.
Tell her to Follow.
We sky through bitter frost,
i turn around to see
her lovely smile.

Enter freezing room
With huge see through glass-
Moon shines onto white snow
makes it glitter, shine and Dance.
i turn around to see
her lovely smile.

Comfort zone is much closer
you thought i am cold
but i radiate the Heat.
No one is cold tonight..
mmm.. kIss her I feel I am In need,
to bad i already did it. 

Inspiration: almost human way.

 Some times you can find inspiration in most bizarre places. Inspiration for putting next step in this sometimes cold and harsh environment.
 Some times we do what we must – with out any consideration, well this is not such a bag thing, and i am most great full for this. For some people it should  be forbidden to make decisions or at least reason the they they reason.
 Some people who are just so narrow and shallow, they probably some times are shocked them self of the thing they fink off or dream off.
 But aren’t we all some times scared off the thing what happen in our heads…
I know most off us do, aren’t you some times sicken by what your head can make up from boredom? While you are in a bus or a train or just laying your head for a rest, your mind when is not challenged by creative or logical thinking goes rogue.
Flying off to your own wounder land, just under or above you reality which you share with other 7 billion people.
7 billion people, god… it is to much to imagine, and 7 billion different realities, 7 billion different ways to understand world, 7 billion different faces and dreams and even more ambition.
 Amazing and frightening world, beautiful for thous who share ideas, and for thous who take them in and make up they own mind. I do not think there is no god, but i choose not to call him like that, i feel it is to cold of name for powers of nature. Still i believe- God has many faces but i can’t understand all this hate and blood spilled over the ages in the name of one true god, human being.
 Yes it sound absurd – humanity is God him self, we created them only for giving reason for our fears, giving some kinda code for man to live by.  This make seance, does it ?  I am truly great full for people in this world who are not yet blinded by religion but still believe in it, believe in what it stands for.
 I will never be one off them, i am different i am spiritual person. I believe in a sun, wind and earth, in emotion and how it moves us to do some time foolish, some times dangerous things,  but it is part off our nature – and Gaia  heals me, karma sets my foot on the ground, Ra shines above and washes my soul from impurities, Thor strikes in furry when i feel like i am going nuts… and it is all just my imagination.

Inspiration comes from weird  places i am telling you ;]] Retro Shot (LazyLens 20130826 125243 HD)
P.S. My first weak in Uk runs off in wild bust of laughter, and still new view though the window amazes me the most.
Stay happy ;]

Let us move on, and lie no more.

Armed with weapon and shield i march once again into depths of my mind for you. 
Today across desert filed with dead choices i made or made not, i step into white stone temple in which my future is decided. White and pure you may say, but walls can keep many secrets and today in hopes of healing my self – let us enter one of many towers which are locked from inside, so no one can enter even me. 

My frustrations and mistakes are locked inside each of thous countless towers, standing proud for me to see, each time i visit. Talking to me, trying to seduce me into letting out horrors, to cripple myself once more. Like i am not enough social awkward, anyway you may ask how it is that thous towers are locked from inside and i am here in our world writing this for your amusement? Simple – jump strait down, so i may crush my skull and forget at least for a moment what i just did, as my limp body is trying to recover from this non scheduled flight, collecting my bids of healthy mind off shaking soil lets talk about Tower with countless steps and twist. My tower of lies. 

Yeah i love telling stories, but did i told you that i am brilliant liar as well? This my addiction to make stuff up made my life even less bearable, as if it wasn’t bad enough – i need to have this glitch inside me to lie now and then about my self. To such level that i was in need of cutting my self off from people just to stay honest. One day after session of feeding people with bullshit, i had enough. I knew i can not control this, in no freaking universe there is way for me to stop lie about anything. “Stop one day i will” quietly i said to my self before falling into my world, and so i did. Found solution to my problem, if there will be no one around there will be no lies. Day after day pushing people away so i could stay honest with myself. Problem with this chronic lying – oukey i lie to others but i lie to myself as well… they believe it for a moment so i could believe that i am different as well. Thing is that i was addicted not to lies but to others simple mindedness, they made my lies more real for me so i could feed my egos. 

Now i am strong enough to face this, i am lying bastard or at least i was, i am honest now. May i say that it feel great. Put this thing out here like a badge of honor for surviving battle of century just to open that one door. With cost off losing every single person i cared for. Hardest battles we need to face alone, so i did and succeeded but have no one to share it with. 

What now? Don’t know… at least now i can demolish this tower of lies, maybe by putting this for everyone to see i can – with time heal my temple. 

“errors i made, errors i do – all stay with me for the rest off everything i will do”