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Beethoven Moonlight Sonata

In calm dark waters, beast lurks silently, staling and waiting.
Looking at your reflection – you won’t see transition,
in fact when you see it, it will be too late.
Human features shifting and twisting.
Teeth become claws, skin – scales,
and your eyes blacken, now you know.

Transition so fast it just took a blink of an eye,
and you are consumed.
Digested in bowls of the beast, loosing your self until letting it all go.
Forgetting, changing as corrosive fluids melt your skin off.
Take memories away and no longer you are you, just blood thirsty shell,
with hearth of stone, liquid and hot insides.
Creating gravity to draw new unsuspecting victim to its premature grave,
in calm dark waters.

Thank you.

Inspiration: almost human way.

 Some times you can find inspiration in most bizarre places. Inspiration for putting next step in this sometimes cold and harsh environment.
 Some times we do what we must – with out any consideration, well this is not such a bag thing, and i am most great full for this. For some people it should  be forbidden to make decisions or at least reason the they they reason.
 Some people who are just so narrow and shallow, they probably some times are shocked them self of the thing they fink off or dream off.
 But aren’t we all some times scared off the thing what happen in our heads…
I know most off us do, aren’t you some times sicken by what your head can make up from boredom? While you are in a bus or a train or just laying your head for a rest, your mind when is not challenged by creative or logical thinking goes rogue.
Flying off to your own wounder land, just under or above you reality which you share with other 7 billion people.
7 billion people, god… it is to much to imagine, and 7 billion different realities, 7 billion different ways to understand world, 7 billion different faces and dreams and even more ambition.
 Amazing and frightening world, beautiful for thous who share ideas, and for thous who take them in and make up they own mind. I do not think there is no god, but i choose not to call him like that, i feel it is to cold of name for powers of nature. Still i believe- God has many faces but i can’t understand all this hate and blood spilled over the ages in the name of one true god, human being.
 Yes it sound absurd – humanity is God him self, we created them only for giving reason for our fears, giving some kinda code for man to live by.  This make seance, does it ?  I am truly great full for people in this world who are not yet blinded by religion but still believe in it, believe in what it stands for.
 I will never be one off them, i am different i am spiritual person. I believe in a sun, wind and earth, in emotion and how it moves us to do some time foolish, some times dangerous things,  but it is part off our nature – and Gaia  heals me, karma sets my foot on the ground, Ra shines above and washes my soul from impurities, Thor strikes in furry when i feel like i am going nuts… and it is all just my imagination.

Inspiration comes from weird  places i am telling you ;]] Retro Shot (LazyLens 20130826 125243 HD)
P.S. My first weak in Uk runs off in wild bust of laughter, and still new view though the window amazes me the most.
Stay happy ;]

Primal strenght.

 I feel no need to write about crazy stuff which is happening or not in my life…. 
 I feel no need to write about world problems…
 I feel no passion for written magic when i force my self to make up something what holds no meaning  at this current time… 
 Writing for me is imprinting idea or feeling in words, so it can be burned out into my skull and read as many times as possible… so i know from where i am and where i am going… 
 Winters grasp over me loosen – at last… 
Morning, i am at work feeling all down and heavy, bad memories run free mocking me… Couldn’t stand it anymore, ran out to grab a smoke, to beg karma for brief moment of clarity and peace in my life.   At that moment i was as low as possible, you dong get any lower than that… i had just too much of this cold and ill thinking… Just as first virgin smoke enters atmosphere leaving my lungs… My long lost lover comes out of hiding, lighting all parking lot with its might. That felt liberating as first sun light touched my face, i knew i am saved. Hope i am not the only one whom shares this sick relationship with sun. She is my muse, she is my start, there is not enough words to describe what she means for me. The only one who can bring me up from lowest points of my life… Charging me with power for which i craved for so…. long. Beast inside me, my inner animal awoken… i am whole again, in peace – my holly trinity – Sun, soul and primal strength.