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IDeas which make us unique

Idea which just changed my life, one simple thought and my whole life just crumble.. .Why cant i be always happy ? Why people think that being unhappy is common and being happy forever is unnatural? Why ? I chose to not be slave to this … i will fight my way up… with a smile.

Just smile and love… be happy …

On our green, blue and round planet there is more that we need and still greed has settled in our hearts, that is why we feel unhappy because we long to drink from another cup, but not the one which is presented to us…

Why we cant just stop and be thankful for little things in our ongoing life ?  Be grateful, and enjoy split moments in your loved ones arms or just feel earth breathing under your feet. Never stop no matter what, there is not a single thing that will influence you in more positive way than just  a  smile or love – at fist off course –  for your self… Be thankful to your past self, that he got you so far in this harsh world of ours.
Just smile and you will see your self changing…

Why we always talk to strangers kindly, and often thous close to us treat rude, sometimes  we ignore them or just push a side.. when it is they who need our support the most, when it was last time when you treated someone, close to you, kindly ? When it was last time u thanked them for being there right beside you?
Repeat to them that they are best thing in your life and show them how much love you carry in your self for that special one. We should not be afraid to show our good parts which still, not considering rotten parts of you ( we all have them, it is how life works) are there inside you.


If you want to hear the truth ~ Listen to your heart.

If you want to fly ~ Don’t be afraid to break your wings.

If you want to forgive ~ Ask for forgiveness.

If you want to be a good dancer ~ Dance with your soul, not your feet.

If you want to get to the top ~ You have to touch the bottom.

If you want to be free ~ Don’t lie to yourself.

If you want to heal ~ Cry, Laugh, Breath & Let go.

If you want to be rich ~ Help someone.

If you want to find You ~ Get lost.

If you want to learn ~ Change.

If you want to feel loved ~ Love.

If you want to be happy ~ Be.

02/07/2013 © Elena Levon

And there is nothing more to say… Just be happy…. ;]

Elena Levon –

She is one person from many, who can inspire you to to do great thing with your life…        — One of greatest musical peaces, there is no word to describe beauty which this song emits in your ear drums then brain and lastly your soul…. enjoy… ^^

Simplicity of existence

   Good evening my fellow traveler, what a nice evening to watch “Saw” it is.  Yeah for the first time i saw this movie, and it was some times disturbing. Still it made me realize something, there is 3 basic functions to exist in this world. How it was possible to get such enlightenment while watching some horror movie is unknown for me, still karma have assented  this by making me write this night for you.

So… 3 basic functions for existence: “Feed, survive, reproduce”

We all have this programs in our DNA, and in no possible way we can let ourself to fail in any of thous basic functions. That’s is why  that girl with mask on her head had to dig through her BF stomach – to survive. Some people can go much more to do same thing, like to torture people for some freaks amusement. Well i can understand that you can do much more for yourself than for your related brothers who too have souls and dreams, who too  have plans and problems, sometimes are hijacked by time and money just like you.

Struggle for existence takes whole life and even at the end you lose. Some times for it takes tremendous amount of words to say something so simple like what is music for me or what i see during summer inside forest depths, but when i am faced with  ” Do or be done, you choose” my answer would be simple… I can’t fail at my basic function.

Emotions are needed in our life, this is the only thing that marks us for citizens on planet earth, if animals can do it so should we, well we are too animals so u see our planet have gifted us with such kindnesses so we could share it with others with our relatives. Time comes when u need to shut down and use only logic that is how i think we all should live our life, but i will keep it to myself.

“Tremendous effort is needed only to do things u never done before, after that each time is less difficult until you are master of it”

Be? Or be some1?

Hi there…
And once again my head is impounding from inside..
Here is the problem: Ppl just cant be, we all need to be somebody. Our community is build this way.. we all don’t give other ppl just to be, we all put on others a quest of describing them self to us like somebody…

U just cant go on around telling ppl that u a human and this is what u do…
U need to describe your self to others, and what do u do with your life…
U must produce some kinda results for other, so that they can be sure that u are person, from whom they can get something.

Sooo few years back, when i was in Poland.. We visited some kinda church with huge forest around it. We where walking in that forest with our guide… that was beautiful place.. with different religious sculptures… But i do not remember any of them only because there was something even better that art..

A hut in middle of the forest.. yes a hut… and our guide explained to us That this is home for an outcast.. He where living here for many years already.. giving him self every day to god..

Common guys, are we all so terrible that this guys choose to live on his own in the forest?
Living with the worst person in the world(your self), waking up to same person, talking to same person.. fighting with your self every freaking day. No electricity no running water, even no freaking toilet… He choose all this so he wont need to put up with society…

So guys are we all so terrible that ppl want to run from us?
That ain’t surprise to me… Human on his own is pretty intelligent being, reasoning and trying to be productive.. but society this mega organism is terrible person.

We cant change this, we only can talk about it and survive it.

Hey, check this talented guy out:
His music reminds me of old times, sitting in front off TV playing sega with my dad.. precious memories.. Thanks you for doing what u do guy..! 😀