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Day after crash, still without any breaks we go.

For everyone out there with social problems – they are just in your head, or in people around you heads.

There is nothing wrong with you, “in need for a little push you are”.
Emotional melt down, the last one after break up with my now ex-girlfriend, made something unplug in my head. Feeling different more free, focused and determined step by step i made my self let go, not only a painful break up but few of my traumas as well, so by killing off few of my demons and by accepting my true animal nature – no more there is something that can stop or slow me down.

Fear is just a disease, but your body is not ill your mind is.

Merciful Saturday.

Lithuania 2013, Traku castle. Enjoy … ;] and thank you for visiting.

Above the clouds.

Above clouds.

Shocking how it is easy to forget about sky without limits.
Shocking how it is easy to not think about everything above and just focus on the things down here with us.
Stretch above the clouds, feel no limits, because they only make you heavy, fly and be free.
There above the clouds – peace and place for everyone down below, just raise your head and see.

Photo taken: 13.07.17

i hope – i don’t need to point out heart shaped clouds… that is natural… ;D

Memory ink.

Memory ink.

Best way to preserv a memory, is not to overuse it.
Otherwise memory ink dries out, picture cracks and crumbles, and memory just fades away….