Song, blade and fire. Part 2

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 Spent my younger nights exploring my fathers castle, peeking through the window as watchers patrol our walls, you cant see human shapes from distance, just torches walking that long path of vigilante watch.  Books are my friends and i sing with my blades, in my family all members are taught how to use two things. Your tongue so we could rule, and blade so we could keep that rule, unfortunately i mastered only steel.  My father is – good man but not a great king,  and even worst father… in his eyes i am just a little girl, and that sickens me. How long do he think he can keep me here locked in this castle. No more can i stand this, i need to get out.

Fife tall towers looking for the limits of so wast sky two for sister stars tallest of them all side by side, one for the moon searching thous mountains for threats, one for the sun shining into the sea so we always knew where our home lies, and one in the middle of the keep for the people so we know “We are save” or that we are all being watched… Walls made from the best stone found in our mountains. Gates forged from iron and blood, this is Red keep – my home. Red stands for soil on which we build our home, so it is said “Soil is bleeding, so we will take care and heal this land”

From time to time when sun is shining bright you can see fire priests praying in the market, feeding sacrifices to the flames. That is where i saw him…
Sneaking out is easy when you know how to do it, and i love to watch bone fire grow, and watch all thous people dance and sing for our gods. This time was special, in the middle of the crowd i saw white caped man, hood covering his face – there was something really odd about him. Does not look as other heroes and have nothing in common with the fire priest, but something in the middle of them both. So as protector of this realm i followed him, sun is falling from the sky as we leave through castle gates.
Slow pace he marches, and as soon as we could see little village in front of Skorg forest he stopped and turned around.
Of course he couldn’t see me covered in the mist of night, and i was so careful not to get noticed still he shouts:
– Well good evening my lady. – man with deep calm voices addresses me.
No other option left for me,  so i step towards him.
– Who are you? And what are you doing here in the middle of the night? – i ask curiously.
– I am Vadat from Ru’tat desert, and i was looking for you my Queen.
He startled me, from where did he know me? And what is he doing here so far away from his home.
He continues:
– My mission led me here, so we both must save a man, he is traveling this way and have no idea that dangerous creatures are tracking him down – he takes his hood off, dark skinned man with strange mark above his left eye, looks concerned – maybe he isn’t lying.
– I am no a Queen yet, and who is that man?
– Yes you are not Queen yet, but you will become one very soon- as he starts walking down the road gesticulating gently to follow him, and as i walked even closer to him i could feel energy flowing down into the earth around him. He is different indeed, but some how i feel trust to this persona, so i follow him.
– You will take cover in the shadows, as you are good at it…
– But how i will recognize him? and furthermore what kinda man travels at  night? – i look at Vadat with strange look on my face like i was not getting where our quest is taking me…
– Well he travels at night, good luck to you my Queen as we must part for now, and take this!
He passes me two blades, that where to light for our steel, and slowly walks away into the forest. As i took my place in the shadows, i could hear father telling his children stories about my grandfather and his quests, he was great man indeed. “Vigilante i stay, so i must save life today” – this is much more exiting that just sitting my ass off in the courtyard.

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