Song, blade and fire.

Clear night sky, with two sister stars shining on little peasant village just outside of Skorg forest. Moon shining bright, so bright that you can forget for a moment about horrors lurking in darkness and just focus on peace which comes with warm summer breeze.  Small peasant village, just few houses with dull flickering lights coming from inside, you can hear children begging they father  to stay just a little bit longer and listen to one more story before going to bed. Small but so important this village is, on cross road – one road comes from forest and leads to Red keep where all mighty heroes come looking for job, some are there to help some, just looking for good pay day. This is main road to Red keep, and this village always sees heroes first, no matter who they are, there is no way to pass through with out being noticed here first. Second road comes from sea port and leads to mighty mountains where kings mine for gold and iron, of course kings do not mine them selfs, they have servants or prisoners, but if you ask me there is little difference, no one gets payed there, that is why I fight. You can call me Lime and i am freshly baked bard from town far from Red keep, my home – Saltyrivers. Name comes from only known river which waters are as salty and deadly as seas, and it passes through heart of my town.

No one travels at night you might say, but i do… This is only way to pass by, with out paying tall for roads, and all gods can see that i am broke. Yes yes yes… this is why i am traveling to Red keep, now shush and i will be on my way, you can tag along if you want.

And so pass the village we go, and Red keep is not as far as it may seem, short but fast on his senses this bard is if you ask me.  And just pass the village, i understood something, this peace… It is fake as my mothers love, i can smell something evil, something bad is coming to get this little village. Bards senses never been so sharp before, he feels sweeting and shaking, as it seems that his first battle is upon him. Ear torturing scream sneaks on him, he cant see anyone but this screaming is frighting indeed.
-Unsheathe your sword- voice from shadow of the last hut on the left of the road says, and jumps in from of shaking bard.
– We are about to face some screamers, so prepare your ears, because it will get loud.  She draws her two shining swords and sprints to the tree line. Bards do not think much they do, so i follow her… wont be the first time i follow women into trouble, it is park of my nature.


To be continue…

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    Thanks for the follow! I hope you enjoy my blog…we try to have fun at history’s expense!

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