lIFE – so beautiful it hurts

   Funny how one sentence can change everything. Take less courage to face hoard of angry teenagers thirsty for your blood, that to say few words that will scar you for life. 
” I think that we both know what is right to do here” and just like that she is gone, gone forever, memory which will stay with me for the rest of my life. Time will heal me, but for now i feel… hurt and broken, cant really talk about it – it just hurts too much.  Writing about it feels less painful, and i think that this is only way to fight this incoming self pity and depression. 
   Passion fruit – u will know her by this name, because she smells like tropical fruit, and summer – sweet and worm. Smile which took me places i never knew existed, loving and carrying hands, and her lips… kissing her felt like living more that once, making my whole body numb. 
  Hardest thing about all this – i cant shake off this feeling that i could done something different, something that would make her stay in my life for a little bit longer, just huge her and hold for a littler bit more. Hold her and try not to let go… but i let her go, and shocked by this watching her disappear behind corner, i could feel like part of me is leaving as well, running away to catch her. 

   Every women change us men, some leave scars others kiss to remember her by, fact is that they all changes us one way or another. You only realize how much u are now different only left in cold or sitting by your self, you realize only then that u will never be the same, you are different person now “old you” is gone he just walk out of your life like she did. 

 But you know – life is so beautiful – yes it hurts much but this pain only means that now i realize what i really felt for her, and it is amazing what i carry with my self this feeling for her. Feeling borne from miss understanding , grown and nourished in my heart, it feels amazing to feel this for another person. While i understand lyrics of all thous song i want to say this: 
      I will miss her, and every time i remember her face it feels like some bastard is stabling me directly into my heart, every time i  remember something about her it  shakes in agony, begging me to stop this and forget all about it. But i cant and i will never forget her … my passion fruit, sweet and warm…

While i try not to drown her keep calm people and love your passion fruits. Lets man up and keep on rock&rolling my friends. 


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