Primal strenght.

 I feel no need to write about crazy stuff which is happening or not in my life…. 
 I feel no need to write about world problems…
 I feel no passion for written magic when i force my self to make up something what holds no meaning  at this current time… 
 Writing for me is imprinting idea or feeling in words, so it can be burned out into my skull and read as many times as possible… so i know from where i am and where i am going… 
 Winters grasp over me loosen – at last… 
Morning, i am at work feeling all down and heavy, bad memories run free mocking me… Couldn’t stand it anymore, ran out to grab a smoke, to beg karma for brief moment of clarity and peace in my life.   At that moment i was as low as possible, you dong get any lower than that… i had just too much of this cold and ill thinking… Just as first virgin smoke enters atmosphere leaving my lungs… My long lost lover comes out of hiding, lighting all parking lot with its might. That felt liberating as first sun light touched my face, i knew i am saved. Hope i am not the only one whom shares this sick relationship with sun. She is my muse, she is my start, there is not enough words to describe what she means for me. The only one who can bring me up from lowest points of my life… Charging me with power for which i craved for so…. long. Beast inside me, my inner animal awoken… i am whole again, in peace – my holly trinity – Sun, soul and primal strength.

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