Little social post

 For some time it seems i blocked myself from writing… cant get grip of myself, i feel failing again into abyss of my inner world. Main reason for me to write is to get ride of my constant disappearances into imaginary world and firmly lay hold of my life. There moments in my life when i feel like i can write a master peace, when i feel so full of ideas and words to express myself, most of the time i just cant find proper words to say something simple, after achieving something that holds meaning for me,smoke breaks between sex, mornings when awakened by sun ( trust me where i live u feel lack of sunshine on daily basses), that moment when u are venturing back home after night of fun. Probably you already understood  that i can write only when i am emotionally charged, but i do not think that this is great mystery. 

 To people who already are following me, i don’t really know u read this stuff or not – but still would love to hear from you, what makes u write? 

 I have some proper content coming this week is you are wondering… and about ” What every man  desire” my new post i am working on  will be sequel to this one. Soo yeah that is all about it.. just little social post to keep track of myself and keep track for myself just to make myself write something again. 

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One response to “Little social post”

  1. Summer says :

    This is for you, for being kind to others and me,

    Sweet Valentine greetings, Summer

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