Simplicity of existence

   Good evening my fellow traveler, what a nice evening to watch “Saw” it is.  Yeah for the first time i saw this movie, and it was some times disturbing. Still it made me realize something, there is 3 basic functions to exist in this world. How it was possible to get such enlightenment while watching some horror movie is unknown for me, still karma have assented  this by making me write this night for you.

So… 3 basic functions for existence: “Feed, survive, reproduce”

We all have this programs in our DNA, and in no possible way we can let ourself to fail in any of thous basic functions. That’s is why  that girl with mask on her head had to dig through her BF stomach – to survive. Some people can go much more to do same thing, like to torture people for some freaks amusement. Well i can understand that you can do much more for yourself than for your related brothers who too have souls and dreams, who too  have plans and problems, sometimes are hijacked by time and money just like you.

Struggle for existence takes whole life and even at the end you lose. Some times for it takes tremendous amount of words to say something so simple like what is music for me or what i see during summer inside forest depths, but when i am faced with  ” Do or be done, you choose” my answer would be simple… I can’t fail at my basic function.

Emotions are needed in our life, this is the only thing that marks us for citizens on planet earth, if animals can do it so should we, well we are too animals so u see our planet have gifted us with such kindnesses so we could share it with others with our relatives. Time comes when u need to shut down and use only logic that is how i think we all should live our life, but i will keep it to myself.

“Tremendous effort is needed only to do things u never done before, after that each time is less difficult until you are master of it”

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