Talent to practice

Some time has past since last i wrote something… only because i don’t know what do i want to do with my little time what i have on this planet earth, don’t get me wrong i am fairly young but i cant shake this one thing off. What do i want to do with my life. There is no words to describe my doubts about my whole existence. One day i believe that universe has plan for me next one i think that i shouldn’t be her in the first place. I alway thought that writing is what i will do… but i am bad at this – maybe because i haven’t yet discovered my nisha ( the way of writing – my unique  way of putting thing on paper) but then maybe i will never find it.

What do i do then? I think that practice makes huge difference, so if u can be good at something just by practicing it over and over again, why do we have this concept of talent? Thing is that u need talent to practice something, u may be talented to practice music or maybe painting or just simple things like cleaning or cooking, no doubt that talent is huge component to your life meaning. For some people talent and is they life meaning, they feel that this is given to them and they are obligated to be best at it. Talent is huge blessing but burden non the less.

So what do i do if i am not talented at anything useful? Are you? There is nothing you are best at? Start from small thing… like maybe u are champion at flossing your teeth every morning? So maybe then u will become dentist one day.. this is very abstract i know. By just bare with me for a moment… If i am talented at something small i can grow it. I can see my talent blossom into something powerful enough to change my life completely.

So what is my little talent? Imagination… this huge world that i carry on my shoulders. Some time it takes me so far away from reality that i don’t really care what is happening around me. And then i was always good at making stuff up, lying and writing essays  in school. Perks that come in package  with my imagination problem. So maybe then i am now obligated to practice and be best at making stuff up from thin air, try to shove people what i see every day thou my eyes. And then maybe i will grow, and then maybe i will be one day talented to practice art of imagination the way it should be practiced, with huge emotion value to me and reader, try to connect with world.

“Small things do matter”

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