Voices we all hear.

  Hey there, 
Problem: we all talk to our selfs. 
Soo.. voices tell u all the time what u need or what u need to do or what u want at this moment… Some voices tell u when to smoke or some tell u not to get out from bead. Voices that we all hear inside our heads – but there are ofc good voices like ones which tell you to do something good or voice that gives u strength when u need it the most. Listening to your voices makes you more conscious of your problems, or you can use them to your benefits like motivating your self for a job you been avoiding. 
  From where are thous voices? In your head ofc…. but from where? If u believe that our memories shape our selfs then it is simple to explain.
   For example: we all went through puberty, and now after few years if u look at your self u will see that you are different, you are not the same person as u where 16 or 19… but where went that person? He is still a part of you but he is muted… HE has no hold over new you but some times through your life he will try to tell you something. Out dated versions of you will talk to you will try to seduce you into doing something stupid or extreme only because that old you would do that.
  When i was younger i started  smoking only because all my class mates where, and i see now that  every time i want to smoke i hear this urge from back part of my brains yelling. “Go to smoke” he says, “This will help you” he says.  But old me – u know what – Fuck you and your little social problems i am grow up now and i don’t need to smoke any longer to look cool.   Soo… yeah i am quiting smoking – and i feel powerful and confident enough to do this. I have means to stop myself from smoking, i know how to control myself.    
 Ty for reading… hugs and kisses … ^^  


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