Past and future.

Man u are now comes not from the past actions or decisions u made, but from future and opportunities u create…

Explanation :

What is you? No not you but “You”… it’s collection of unique – experienced only by you memories.
May u think that i am wrong with this? Ofc u can… we all make our own world inside our heads. But may i interrupt and shake your world at least a bit? Ofc i can! If my world works like that.. why not.

Back to memories… so if my consciousness if just collection of imagines, that means my slide show changes with time… and how i will get from here to another me? Simple – future will help me with that.

Choice is yours – stay in the past and relive your memories, until they are just dull resemblance to man u where, or live in future.

Future- this is place from where comes everything, good or bad, it all is weighting    behind the curtain of time. After curtain is raised it becomes past.. and worries me no more. What worries me is only opportunities i can create now for myself in future.

I know that boy, who created me – and i will create man which i will proud to be.

Thank you.


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